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Mother School Programs

Mother School

Mother School is a program operated inside a church.

The program usually lasts for 4~5 weeks meeting once per week from 10:00am to 3:30 pm. For mothers who are working, and cannot make time during the weekdays, there are late afternoon courses or Saturday courses.
You can see the schedule at the “Schedule Yard”, and select a location that is close to you and a date that you are available.
Applicants are grouped according to their ages and they come together to think on how to become a happy wife and a warm mother by participating in lectures, testimonies, ceremonies and sharing their lives. After taking Mother School you are able to participate further as a staff in different sectors of Mother School, and share the joy of helping others and living together.

Open Mother School

Open Mother School aims to go further to inside the world by eliminating the religious color of Christianity from the School, so applicants who are not Christians can also attend.
Usually Open Mother School is held in public offices, schools, military bases with the cooperation of NGOs. Mother School develops different themes according to the participating organization.
The program is usually held 4 times, encouraging wives to become healthy and happy mothers to fulfill their duties. Through lectures, singing, sharing among groups and presenting, participants can share their thoughts and have fun while spending quality time.

Mother-in-law School

Mother-in-law School was established to plant vision and dreams to mothers who are living the second half of their lives.
The program lasts for 4 weeks, meeting once a week in order to help mothers to manage their role of bequeathing their faith and reverent leadership to their descendants.
We help mothers to rightfully dispatch their children to another family and arrange their relationships to become a more forgiving, serving and loving one in the grace of Christ.
Not only Christians but also non-Christians are welcome to participate. The school is made for mother-in-laws and to-become-mother-in-laws joyfully continue their lives as a beautiful companion.

Click Tong-tong-tong Camp

A program for teenagers Click Tong-tong-tong

The camp helps to enhance communication of teenagers with firstly themselves, then with their parents and lastly with the world. The program is designed for parents and teenagers to come together.
The camp is a communication camp for mothers and children to make happy memories and have time to understand and love each other. There are various classes such as afternoon classes, one-day class, One-night class and Two-nights class. The program is used for school education for parents, church retreats and company education etc.
The program is a happy program which encourages families to talk about their thoughts and feelings deep inside their hearts.

Couple School

A loving couple take an oath to live together and happily start a family, but there are many problems and conflicts when the actual marriage begins. The Couple School tries to help this time to become a happier period.
The program makes time to think about how a couple can become “One” by taking lectures regarding a healthy departure from the family, biblical values, sex, communication skills, financial management and how to raise children.
The program requires both the husband and wife to come together. Regular weekend classes are held on Saturdays for 3 weeks, while One day special classes can be held on a special occasion.

Happy Mom

Happy Mom is an intensive program, for applicants who have took Mother School. The program helps mothers continue their passion as a mother by taking an 8~12 week program in a group of 6~8 people.
The Happy Mom also works as a program for local areas or oversea missionary locations that are not big enough to start a Mother School program. The Happy Mom helps families and churches stand firm and also gives a chance to introduce Christ to people who do not yet believe in Jesus.
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