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Our Children are at risk. School education is collapsing. Is it just a problem of teenagers? People say that there is a problem with the school education. They blame teachers for their irresponsible behavior and how schools are indifferent in handling problematic students.

However, is that really the reason of problems? There is a debate on how problematic students should be handled. However, the core of a problem comes from its root. The children’s root are parents. Children are at risk because of parent’s indiscrete attitude towards life, false values and view of the world. It is a problem because the world culture is focused on mammonism and success, so parents stress “Only Studying” to children. The saying “There is no problematic children, only problematic parents” seems true.

Mothers, who are the biggest pillar when raising children, should change their values and view of the world. A family is a seedbed of cultivating character and social skills. The core value of social skills and character is the ability to consider, respect and love others and acknowledge authority. In the warm hands of a mother character grows, and in the large arms of a father social skills are made.

The problem is that family nowadays are losing the name of a mother, and the warmth of a mother is damaged. Maybe the reason of Korea’s Crisis in the 21st Century comes from family problems, where fathers are absent and mothers have lost their rightful identity. The most important and urgent matter is returning fathers back to their homes and restoring the rightful image of a mother. There is no use if only my family is healthy. Other families should also be healthy. Only then, our children can make a healthy community together. Duranno is now starting Mother School in align with Fathers School to solve this problem. We aim to restore the women’s image that is biblical and provide a path to raise reverent children and establish a healthy family.

Mothers you are a bowl of blessing. You are a mother of nations. We invite you to Mothers School

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