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Introduction of Mother School

What is Mother School?

Duranno Mother School finds the reason of Korea's Crisis in the 21st Century from family problems, where fathers are absent and mothers have lost their rightful identity. Mother School aims to make a cornerstone for a healthy family and society, through the recovery of the rightful image as a woman and a biblical image of a mother in a family.

Without the restoration of a mother, it is impossible for fathers to recover and children to grow. Therefore, Mother School tries to free women from the twisted and secular values of the world and restore a women's image that is biblical and help mothers to find a righteous self-image. The purpose of Mother School is to help women to change the society by first becoming a happy wife, a praying mother and gradually reform their family and the church.

Duranno Mother School Visions that All Women….

Becomes Restored
We arrange a new image of a woman that has been distorted by culture and society. We help women heal their wounds and restore their self-image that has been broken while growing up.
Becomes a Happy Wife
The start of a happy family comes from a man and woman becoming one. This relationship must precede the relationship with children. A wife should make her husband the head of the household and help him to become a good husband and father. We help wives to become a happy and loving person inside a healthy husband-and-wife relationship.
Becomes a Warm Mother
There is nothing more important than raising a happy and healthy child. We hope that mothers feel the duty and pride to rear their children to become workers of the next generation. We help mothers to throw away their wrong attitudes of love and false cultural values, and to become a wise mother.
Becomes a Mother of the Nations of the world
In a diversified society we cannot be happy by focusing only on our own family's needs. We need to pursue a higher value by broadening our sights to our neighboring families and to the families all around the world. A frog inside a well can only see the sky right above it. We help mothers to become mothers of nations of the world, who can reach out to others and pray for them.
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